Monday, July 25, 2016

38 weeks 1 day

Two weeks till the due date everyone! Just two weeks! That's what I have to keep telling myself lately.
Our weekend was quite full with a trip to the hospital.....I thought was in the early stages of labor!
Throughout the day I'd been having consisitant contractions. For a few hours they were between 2 and 5 minutes apart. They died down for an hour or two and then started again, but not as close together, this time 5-10 minutes apart. During the first "batch" of close contractions, I had called the doctor's office and spoke with the on call midwife. She said it very well could be labor, but since it's my first baby and first labors usually take a while, to stay home as long as I wanted to and to come in when contractions got to the point that I couldn't talk or walk through them. So we waited it out. After that is when they died down, so we went for a walk to see if they would pick back up again. They did. Long story short (but not really that short), we ended up going in so they could check me and see if my water had broken. It hadn't. So they sent us home. While we were there my contractions had pretty much stopped. It was a little disappointing to have to go home. For a bit there I thought that was the day! I thought it was time! But it wasn't. In reality, Becca could stay in there for another few weeks! I'm trying to just trust God. He knows the day and the time that she will arrive, and He is in control!

Here is a picture from Sunday after church! I'm getting pretty huge! :)

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