Tuesday, April 19, 2016

24 weeks 2 days

Only 16 weeks to go!
I'm excited that the tail end of my pregnancy is in summer, because I feel like it will probably fly by. Since summertime goes by so fast anyways, baby Becca will be here before we know it. Plus I'm sure I'll enjoy being outside more and enjoying warm weather activities like swimming!!!!! I'm really looking forward to doing some swimming this summer.

I've been feeling good lately. I've enjoyed visiting with some people this week. I have my next doctor's appointment in Friday. Soon I'll have my glucose test, and I'm hoping everything looks good with that.

Becca is getting bigger - she's now about the size of an ear of corn! :)

Here's the latest baby bump!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

22 weeks 6 days

I know I'm a day late on this post, but I wanted to get it done for the 22nd week, so here's a quick update. I'm really 23 weeks today,  but in the picture I was 22 weeks and 6 days.

I've been feeling good, just the normal symptoms of tiring easily and forgetfulness....;)
Cramping in my belly has increased quite a bit, and so has Becca's kicking!

And for those of you who may have been wondering, the baby's full name will be Becca Lyn Collomy.

Here's the photo!