Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oh! The places you'll go!

We are having such a fun and refreshing time at Word of Life in Schroon Lake, NY. What a lovely womens retreat!
Here are a few snapshots of our captured moments so far! 
More to come!

Here we are stopped in Queeche Gorge in Vt for lunch at a cute little diner!
Crazy bus jitters!

The theme for the weekend is "oh the places you'll go!" Around the campus there are empty photo frames in different colors and sizes. It's fun to get behind them and snap a pic!
God is already teaching me so much! Sharon Jaynes is a gifted lady and The Lord has really been speaking through her this weekend, and I am also very blessed by the music of Gwen Smith, the music leader! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Blessings A'Many

Thank you, Lord for your many blessings! 

For Nicole's 9th birthday that was celebrated on May 9. (Has it really been four birthdays we've had with her?)
It is so sweet to see her and Rosie's precious interaction. :)
For Mom, who we were able to honor this Mother's Day. For all she does for our family. 
And for the little things, everyday, that I forget to thank you for. 
The singing of my sister, Grace...
The precious moments that I can capture...
The priviledge of having such a great dad...
The sunshine... of all, trying on my friend's sunglasses that she left at our house. 
Hahaha! Just kidding! (But I did try them on!)

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ginger!!! The newest addition to Grace Abounding Farm! Stay tuned, more on the way!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Extreme AirSoft

We had a super fun Sunday afternoon/evening after church!!!
We did an "Air Soft Challenge" with a search and rescue scenario. 
We had Grace and Elisha as "downed pilots" from a plane crash. They went and got "lost" in the woods. There were the good guys, with soldiers and medics, to rescue the downed pilots. Then there were the bad guys, attacking us and trying to keep us away from the downed pilots. We (the good guys) won! It was great fun! I can't wait till next time!
Before the crash....Elisha and Grace as "ChopSuey"
After the crash, Suey suffers from a broken arm
Before the search...Elisha and Dayna ready to go
Aria (head medic) and Dayna (member of the medic team)
Michael is ready to go!
Some of the "Isrealite" team getting geared up....or "teched up!" Hahaha, Jordan

Thank you, Dayna C. for the pictures!