Saturday, June 17, 2017

Becca - Ten Months

On June 8, Becca turned 10 months old. Once again I find it hard to believe how fast time is flying, and how fast Becca is growing. She is turning into her own person more and more each day, and her little personality is really blossoming.

Becca went swimming for the first time last week, and she LOVED it! I held her in the water, and she kept trying to get out of my arms! She would bend down and stick her tongue out to try and lick the water! She loves the bath, so I figured she would love the pond, too. The water was nice, not too cold.

Becca loves to swing, enjoying that as we've been to a couple of parks recently. She has no fear! She doesn't get scared when one of her uncles pushed her a little too high.
Becca is always curious and ready for any new experience or obstacle in her way.
Just yesterday, Becca said her first words. In the morning, as she was in the bath, she said "water" several times. At dinner, Mitchell would ask her questions and she would answer, "yes!"
We had taken a walk out to the garden after dinner, and I was pointing out the seedlings to Mitchell. I said, "...and there are my radishes," and Becca immediately said "radishes!" as if she was trying to copy me! She then repeated it several more times! It was the cutest thing!
Becca is right on the verge of walking. It'll be any day now! She walks along the couch and coffee table, but just hasn't quite taken that "step of faith," yet. She's very set in her ways of dropping back into a crawl if there's nothing to hold onto. She'll get it, though!

Becca is into everything! The cabinets are her favorite. Just this morning she unloaded ALL the bowls from one cabinet before she moved on to something else. At least they were bowls and not the cabinet full of cleaning supplies.

I've started going to the gym 3 times a week, and so during that time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, Becca gets watched by Mitchell's mom. Becca loves spending time with Nana. It's been a huge blessing on many levels!

We took Becca to the races at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for the first time last week. We weren't sure how she would like the loud cars. Well....she LOVED it! We tried putting hearing protection on her...she wanted nothing to do with that. She would fuss until she ripped them off her head. She smiled and hollered, trying to match the sound of the cars. Those of you who know anything about Mitchell's family know that love of cars, motors and anything fast runs through that family just like blood runs through their veins. We found out that night that that passion truly does come with the last name Collomy. 

Becca is such a joy in our lives. When she was born, we entered a whole new life. It's been full of intense challenges and deep blessing. New stresses that we had no idea about before, but also brand new joy that we had never experienced. It's been a wonderful 10 months. Mitchell and I have grown closer as a couple, and have learned (and continue to learn) new things about eachother. We have learned and are learning how to balance parenting with marriage, and how the two blend together beautifully, all part of God's plan for the family. It's a journey that has only just begun, but we are already seeing how rewarding it truly is. It's not an easy road. No, it takes effort. It's not a one-size-fits-all, either. Everyone's story is different. Everyone's love, life and family is different. But I'll be confident to guarantee that when you commit your story to God, the best love story writer, the best family planner, the best life giver in the business, your story, no, His Story will be BREATHTAKING.