Friday, September 19, 2014

Crazy Busy

It seems like we are crazy busy around here! Even if we don't have somewhere to go, life at home has not a single dull moment. But it is good, and during this season, we are learning to accept a new normal. It has been hard...and definitely a stretch...for all of us. But God is good, and in that we are resting.
 Partly for my own sake to be able to share this with you all, and partly for your own amusement, here is a day in the life of the Winslow family:
6:00am-Mom and Dad have been up for awhile. Mom starts breakfast preparations and getting things ready for the day.

6:30am-Dad goes around and gives the wake up call. One of the things we all love about Dad is the creative ways that he finds to wake us all up in the morning. This morning he wakes up with a song in his heart. So he shares that song with all of us as he starts in the boys room and moves to the girls. This morning, he belts out phrases from "Mister Sandman," but couldn't remember all of the words. As he leaves our room, Dad says, "Five minutes! Be downstairs in five!" 
Sometimes Rosie sleeps longer than the rest of us, but today she wakes up with Dad's singing, and says, "Oh my! Its FREEZING!!" She was almost right, because it was 33 degrees when we woke up on this September morning!

Jerry tries to get into the girls room to say good morning and give his famous sloppy kisses all around, but Dad tells him he can wait till we get downstairs.
6:40am-We finally make it downstairs, and today Elisha heads out to milk the goats with Edward, Jon, Jerry, Nicole and Rosie in tow. Edward tries to keep Jerry from getting into too much trouble while doing his own chores with Jon, which are feeding the chickens. 

Meanwhile, Nicole begins to clean out the nesting boxes and Rosie goes around, trying to help out wherever she can.

7:20am-Mom gets JoyAnna's breakfast ready with her medicine and Maddie gets her up out of bed and dressed, while the kids come inside from doing the animals start on sweeping the floor and vacuuming. JoyAnna gets her breakfast fed to her, and loves every bite! After she's done she goes to lay on her blanket in the living room and play with her toys.

7:40am-before breakfast, kids take a few minutes to read their bibles and have quiet prayer time. Jerry looks at a bible story book, but soon gets distracted. It begins with him singing loud songs, closing his book, and soon escaping his seat and playing with toys.
 8:10am-Dad prays with us and leaves for work. We sit down to breakfast, today its homemade granola.
 8:40am-Kids get started on their school work. Edward reads a chapter in the book he's reading, Elisha finishes up her algebra lesson, and Grace starts her spanish lesson. Jerry runs here, there and everywhere, and Rosie builds a block tower.
 Today is play practice, and Grace and Elisha are needed from our family, so Maddie gets ready to take them to practice. We found out last night that our friends need a ride, so we will pick them on our way.
 10:00am-Maddie, Grace and Elisha leave for play practice. After picking up the friends, we head to play practice and get there early. Play practice goes really well! All the actors are making excellent progress!
 At home, Mom continues to do some school with the kids, has lunch with them, and puts the younger kids down for a nap around 1pm.

1:00pm-play practice goes really well and ends early. We leave and drop our friends at their house, and head home. The kids are still in bed, so Maddie starts on this blog post while Mom plays Scrabble with Edward and Elisha. Grace starts on a project, Jon reads an army book.

3:30pm-The little kids are starting to wake up. Once they are up, Jerry, Rosie and Nicole go outside to play in the new 10x10 sandbox that Dad made for them last weekend.
5:00pm-While we wait for Dad to come home, Mom and Edward start on supper prep.

And thats where we are now!

Hope you enjoyed sharing in our crazy blessed day!!!