Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

Less than 3 weeks away from our due date! Its hard to believe that we are so close to the end of this pregnancy. We are so excited to meet sweet Adaline!
I've been feeling good overall, I just get very tired in the afternoons and pretty sore at night. It feels like Addie is very low in my pelvis, so that adds to the pain and discomfort.
A huge praise is that my blood pressure was perfect at my last doctors appointment. High blood pressure was an issue with my last pregnancy, which is why they had induced labor with Becca. We are trying for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), so it would be ideal for me to go into labor on my own. The fact that my blood pressure was great is a huge relief! It had been slowly creeping up at previous appointments to a high normal, and they were just keeping an eye on it. But it was very good, and we are hoping it stays that way for the next few appointments ahead.

Becca is getting more and more familiar with the whole idea of a new baby, and she talks about her baby sister very often! I make sure to include her in things to get ready for the baby, and explain to her that, "This is for baby Addie!" Just today we took apart Becca's old carseat to wash the cover and get it all ready for the baby. Becca was excited to help! We have gotten their room that they will eventually share ready, and the bassinet is all set up in our room for the first months. Her clothes are all washed and folded in her dresser... Its little things like that that make it feel so much more real! 

Braxton Hicks contractions are still very present, and can be annoying. But its encouraging to known that its my body getting ready for the big day! I've been doing better at keeping up my water intake, and trying to at least lay down and rest when Becca naps. I know it's going to be a lot harder to get down time in a few weeks, so getting all the rest I can now would be ideal. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pregnancy Update - Third Trimester!

I am sure all you faithful blog readers have noticed that I have not been nearly as faithful in posting pregnancy updates this time around as I was when I was pregnant with Becca. So goes life, I suppose! Becca keeps me quite busy these days, and soon it'll be time to write an 18 month update on her! Crazy!
It is also crazy to think that I am in the final stretch of this pregnancy. For those of you who don't know, it's a GIRL! We have decided on the name Adaline Beth. It was harder this time to pick a name, but we finally settled on one. We love the name Adaline, which means "noble." We chose the middle name Beth to honor a dear friend of my family that went home to be with the Lord recently. She was a precious, sweet lady who touched so many people. She was a faithful wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend...to so many, and she was a true and shining example of someone who simply lived out her faith in Jesus Christ. She was deeply loved by so many people and is greatly missed.

As far as my pregnancy goes, I am so ready to have this baby! I have been feeling a lot more aches and pains as the weeks go on, and its been a little hard! I've been feeling a lot of back and hip pain, and in the last two weeks the biggest struggle has been sciatic nerve pain on my right side. I didn't have this at all when I was pregnant with Becca. It comes whenever I've been sitting for more than 5 or 10 minutes. It's pretty painful, but goes away when I get up and move around. Driving anywhere has been hard, because I can't move around to relieve it.
Just like around this time in my last prregnancy, sleeping is getting harder. It is just difficult to get comfortable and stay comfortable, so I'm restless most nights. Thankfully I am able to rest when Becca takes a nap - I am so thankful that she is still a good napper!
Little miss Addie is very, very active - just like her big sister was in the womb! It is fun to feel her moving all around in there.

I have my glucose test this week, to test for gestational diabetes, and I will start seeing the doctor every two weeks instead of once a month! That is definitely a sign that the due date is right around the corner!