Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Update

Happy Autumn! 

I love this time of year... so beautiful! 

I also love Deerfield Fair, which was this weekend! What fun! :) :) 

So here is an update on what has been going on in my life as of late. 

This summer (right before I turned 18 and got my license) I had dropped off an application at Parable Bible Bookstore in Concord, NH. They weren't hiring or anything, but they said that they would keep it on file and if they should be hiring that they would give me a call. So time passed, and I wondered what might happen...Mom suggested that I call them and follow up. So I did, and they still said that they didn't have any openings, but they would let me know as soon as they did. That very weekend, I got a call from them. They said that they were sending me a more extensive application, and that they needed a part-time, friendly sales clerk who is good with computers and is very detail oriented. 
I filled out the application and got it to them a few days later on a Monday. They scheduled an interview for that Wednesday, September 18th. I was so nervous leading up to it! Wow, was I nervous (just ask my mom! Actually, please don't! It would be too embarrassing!) Anyways, I drove myself to the interview that afternoon (it was my first time driving all by myself). I prayed and sang (I had to do something-I almost cried, it was so lonely!). I got there right on time and prayed as I walked in. A friendly  Missionary wife that we actually know greeted me and led me into the back where the interview would take place. The young woman who did my interview was SUPER nice, and my nervousness practically vanished as the meeting went on. Basically, she got to know me, and I got to know her, about her family, and about the business. It was like meeting a new friend! It was great! Her mom even gave me apple cider - ultimate fall-time treat! :) :) :) :) 
They told me that there were a couple of other people who were being considered for the job and that they would let me know soon if I got the job or not. 
Just this past Monday (Sept. 23rd) I got an email...and I got the job! I am so excited - I started this Friday and worked Saturday, too. I absolutely love it! it is such a blessing to be around Christians in the workplace and be encouraged by all the great literature and wonderful Scripture all around me. I am being trained right now and soon will learn how to use the custom laser engraving machine! I am so excited that I have joined the team at Parable! 
I will be working a few days a week (approx. 25 hours.). 
Please come and see me: 85 Manchester Street, Concord

I am also the Stage Manager for the Scarlet Pimpernel homeschool play that our friend Holly is doing. I have put together my crew of stage hands and I am looking forward to working with them as the play gets closer (its in November). I am also the Narrator, and I am in the process of writing my own narrator part. This is natural yet hard for me at the same time, while I love writing, I am not a huge history person. Holly IS a history person, so she has helped a great deal with that aspect. Please come to our play, by the way!!!! It is November 22 & 23. We would love to have you!

Bright Lights is starting for the fall season on October 8th. I am so excited at all the interest that has come in about it -  not only from past participants, but from some new families as well. The Lord has been good in blessing the ministry of Bright Lights. This set of lessons that we will be working through is Set 2, and it only has 4 lessons. That will take us through October and November. We plan to take the busy month of December off, and then see where we are with the adoption and all, and go from there. This set of material focuses on ministry, and how important it is that each of us, as followers of Jesus Christ, have a ministry. It is called, "Having Pitchers Full of Living Water." I am looking forward to seeing the fruit of these truths of Gods Word in the lives of the girls that God brings. Please pray that He would have His hand on each girl that He desires to come, and that they would learn and grow in The Lord and in His ways. 

Pet Sitting has picked WAY up in the last six months. RIght now I am in the midst of a week long job for 4 indoor cats. 

 I know that The Lord has placed all these things in my life at this time and I am so grateful that He is keeping me busy. The Proverbs have a lot to say about idleness and how dangerous it is. I definitely do not want to fall into that trap and sin. So I am grateful that He has given me all these things to do and be busy now that I am done school for now. I am also still doing my monthly newspaper, and my family's laundry, and cooking, cleaning, etc. around the house. 

I am feel like The Lord is maybe wanting me to wait a little while longer before I start on my doula studies. I have been easing into some birth books, but I haven't begun my doula certification course yet. I am still considering which association to go through and I am looking at a couple of Christian ones. Please pray for wisdom for that.  
So that is a brief (maybe not so brief) update on me, and what God has been keeping me busy with. 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

25 years ago...!

Through the years a young girl prays for her husband to be
She prays that God will reveal Himself, and set His spirit free
To love, believe, and walk with God, His Spirit to obey
She asks that Truth will be his guide, and keep him for her someday.
Now she's rejoicing in his Love as it flows from God above.
The one for whom she's prayed and dreamed is here for her to love
She knows now who God's given to her, that she might understand
The love of Christ for His own bride - she's rejoicing in God's plan. 

At the same time a young man asks for God to give him a wife

A woman pure, who loves the Lord, a friendship made for life!

He hopes that she will love God's Word and often that she'll pray;
For Jesus Christ to be her life and then turn her heart his way.

Now he's rejoicing in His love as it flows from God above.

The one for whom he's prayed and dreamed is here for him to love.
He knows now who God's given to him, that he might understand,

The love of Christ for His own bride -- he's rejoicing in God's plan.

Today they come to unite their hearts as one in Jesus name;

They'll give their hearts, their lives, their love; a ring to seal the same.

What once was two shall become one, that the world might see again

A testimony of the love of Christ between a woman and a man.

Now they're rejoicing in His love

 as it flows from God above.

The one's for whom they've prayed and dreamed are here for them to love.

They know now who God's given to them, that they might understand,

The love of Christ for His own bride, they're rejoicing in God's plan.

Rejoicing In His Love 
Song by Norm Wakefield