Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 31st, 2013....

...a day to remember!
Excitement built up for over a year of planning begins to become more real as our guests begin to arrive! Here is a scene of church friends....some clownin' 'round! 
More clowning! The weary campers! Far left to right: Micah, Tony, Blair, Josiah, Willie
Mr. C and Grandad! 
Folks start to make themselves comfortable...
The sisters talk with Uncle Matt, asking him to make an announcement of the parents' arrival...they're going to be later than expected!
Old friends chat...the Marston and Menard families.
Kids enjoy refreshments...

And finally......

After hours of waiting, 

Crossing the bend,

And up the hill, 

Come the oblivious guests of honor....

With looks of utter shock, 



And then, 


The shock....
The bewilderment and surprise....
The amazement...can't you feel the joy? All of us kids are saying, "We did it! We actually did it!"

The reality starts to set in....

"The reward of all of our planning....
Is here!"
Rosie's highlight of the day...seeing momma....and eating her ice cream! 
Mr. Lowman prays over our meal...
Mr. Burke, Mitchell and Micah
Looking at the little details (thanks Chris, the detail guy!) 
Mr. and Mrs. Collomy!
Mom holding her newest nephew, Maverick, not even 2 weeks old! Precious!
Mom talks with Grammy Shirley, Dads mom
Just like that September day, 25 years ago!
The #1 Grampa holds his new grandson 
Church friends chat

What a blessed and beautiful day that You gave us, dear Lord! 

Thank You, for none of this would be possible without Your grace. 

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