Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden Journal - Planting

I'm so excited....the time has finally come for me to plant a vegetable garden!
I wanted to plant a small garden last year, but I was in the last months of my pregnancy and feeling very uncomfortable. I never got everything together, so it just didn't work out.
So... Finally this year I am doing it...and I am so very excited! I get spring fever every year. Growing up we always had a big garden. I love watching things grow, caring for it, and reaping the harvest...this is something both my parents enjoyed doing every year. 
It's been a team mom blessed me by sharing her seeds, and when she came to drop off the mantis tiller for me to borrow, she also came bearing gifts! All kinds of veggie plants and flowers! Mitchell's brother William brought a load of manure, and I had some help from some of Mitchell's sisters, planting/watching Becca. We also were able to borrow a bigger tiller from our friends at church. 

My biggest helper, though, was and is Mitchell. Gardening isn't really his thing, but he has made time to help me and be interested in what I'm interested in. It's been such a wonderful blessing. Even if he's been watching Becca and keeping her entertained, its a huge help for me to be able to get work done! 

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we got the garden tilled and planted. It's been wonderful to have a project to work on together, and spend time outside. Lots of opportunities for great, deep conversation. I love it when we are able to chat, share what has been on our minds and hearts, and just to connect on a deep heart level. 

As of Monday, everything is all planted. I am so excited to care for the garden and watch it grow. Some of what I have planted are kale, spinach, lettuce and swiss chard, carrots and radishes, tomatoes, peppers, green and yellow beans, corn, cauliflower and broccoli, cucumbers, melons, zucchini, yellow and acorn squash, and sunflowers. 

It's going to be wonderful to have our own produce this year. There's something really satisfying about eating the fruit of your hard work and care. Here's to hoping everything grows well! Our next project is going to be building a fence to keep the critters out! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Becca - Nine Months

Little miss Becca turned nine months on May 8th. She is growing and changing so much!
She now has four teeth, and she loves to bite! About two weeks ago, she really was on a roll of biting anyone and everything in sight. Arms, shoulders, feet, you name it! We've been trying our best to break her of that habit. She is doing better, but we still have to keep on top of it. She is starting to recognize when we say "no" in a firm voice.
She listens so well for her age. She pays attention to everything around her. Walking through the grocery store is so entertaining for her as she watches each person go by.

Sleeping has been going much better than last month. She goes to bed at 8 most nights, and wakes up most mornings between 6 and 7. She'll have the occasional middle of the night wake up and feeding, but those are slowly lessening, and now she goes a week or more sleeping through the night every night.
Most days she goes down for her nap around 1 and wakes up around 3 or 4.
Becca now eats mostly everything! Scrambled eggs, strawberries, noodles and cheese are some of her favorite foods. She has tried so many things, and there isn't much she hasn't liked. She eats 3 meals a day, and still nurses a few times throughout the day, at bedtime and when she wakes up. She loves sitting up at the table with us at dinnertime abd eating what we eat.
Becca is a little adventurer. She pulls herself up on the couch, chairs, etc. I don't think walking is too far down the road for her!
She gets into the cabinets whenever she gets a chance, and pulls books off bookshelves. She loves to make a mess!!
Whenever she hears music, even when I hum or sing, she bops up and down to the music...its the cutest thing!
I'm excited for these warm months ahead...taking her to the pond to swim for the first time, and I'm sure we'll have some swimming days in my parent's pool!
Fun times ahead! Here are some pictures from the last month.