Monday, July 18, 2016

37 weeks 1 day

Yesterday was the three week mark till Becca's due date, but I have a feeling she will be here sooner....and I hope so!
On Friday, we had an ultrasound to see how Becca is growing. She is approximately 7 lbs 6 oz! She's in the 75th percentile. They also did a 3D ultrasound, which we were so thrilled about! She is so cute!

Saturday was my baby shower. It was absolutely wonderful, and such a blessing! I felt so loved and encouraged! And now we have pretty much everything we need....Becca can come any time now! :)

As of this morning my pain level has really increased. I'm having really intense pressure, it feels like her head is even lower. It's been hard to walk around this morning! I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, so we will see what they say. My guess is that they may want to set an induction date if I don't go into labor by a certain time.

We'll see! I am so ready for her to arrive! :)

The baby bump picture was taken on Friday.

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