Friday, June 24, 2016

33 weeks 5 days

Just over six weeks till Becca's due date! It's hard to think about anything other than her lately! Especially when she's constantly reminding me that she's in there with her forceful kicks and jabs.
I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and I was surprised to have a short ultrasound done, which was so great! I wasn't expecting to have another one. Becca was head down at the last appointment, and she still was at this one. The doctor was checking to see if she was face down (anterior) or face up (posterior) by just feeling, and she couldn't quite tell, so she decided to get the ultrasound machine out to check. As of yesterday, Becca is posterior (face up). I'm hoping she flips around before she decides to come! But its not a huge deal if she stays how she is. I'm just grateful she's head down!
I got a quick picture from the ultrasound, which I'll include here. I can't really make out her profile in it or anything, but its just her head and hands in the picture, I think. She has gotten so much bigger since my last ultrasound!!! I couldn't believe her head took up almost the whole screen! And I think she may have a head of hair! It looks fuzzy around the edges of her head!
There have been some exciting preparations happening around here...we set up Becca's crib! It's beautiful! I'll post a picture on here once her room is more decorated, but other than that, its ready for her! We are ready! But we wouldn't mind if she stays inside a few more weeks. :)
The heat was really getting to me this week. Those few days that were in the mid 90's were rough, and we didn't have our air conditioner installed yet. But last night my dear husband set it all up. He had to make a frame because it didn't fit in any of our windows. So that's a relief!
I've been being more diligent about staying hydrated, especially in the hot weather. It really makes a world of difference in how I feel.
I've been tired lately and my feet are really feeling this extra weight. Other than that, and horrible back pain, I'm feeling pretty good. I just have to be careful not to over do it!

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