Thursday, June 2, 2016

30 weeks 4 days

Can you all believe it? I've reached 30 weeks! I sure can't.
Less than 10 weeks to go till the big day.....August 7th, Becca's due date. Who knows...Maybe she'll come sooner than that....or later... :)

Becca is getting so, so active. She always has been, but its reaching an all time high lately. At this point, she is about 3 pounds, and 15.7 inches long. She is about the size of a large cabbage!
Becca is most active in the evenings. When I'm relaxing, she's a jumping bean!

I had a doctors appointment last week, and everything is looking good. I measured on track and Becca's heart rate is good!

We headed to the hospital last Thursday because I had been experiencing some cramping throughout the day. They decided they wanted to see me to make sure I wasn't in preterm labor. Everything was fine, I was dehydrated. I hadn't been diligent enough about keeping up my water intake!

I've been feeling okay lately...aches and pains are setting in big time. By the afternoon each day my feel kill, and my back is aching. I've been doing some stretches and exercises that do help ease the pain. I also feel pretty exhausted by the end of the day, too. In the morning and early afternoon I do have more energy.

When I make sure I have enough water, I don't have as many Braxton Hicks, so that's nice!

Over the weekend, we traveled to the Westfield MA area for a friend's wedding. We took my sister Grace with us because she and I did all the music for the ceremony. We traveled down on Friday for the rehearsal and the wedding was on Saturday. It was so nice!

Here is the latest baby bump! She's getting big in there!

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