Sunday, May 15, 2016

28 weeks - Hello 3rd Trimester!

Yes, its true! Today marks the start of my 3rd trimester! The other day someone asked me if it seemed like my pregnancy is going by fast. To be honest, it seems like a bit of both feeling like its dragging on, and also disbelief that I am already this far.

My first trimester was pretty miserable, and being sick so much made things seem to go on forever! As soon as the second trimester came, and sickness slowly started to ease up, I actually felt like I could start enjoying my pregnancy! Don't get me wrong... I have loved the fact that I'm pregnant all through, and the anticipation and excitement of having a baby. It's just that its hard at times, especially those first months when I was so sick.
I am so thankful for the relief I experienced a few weeks into my second trimester! Many women struggle with morning sickness all the way through pregnancy!

As of now, I'm feeling good. I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks or "practice" contractions. They're not unbearable, just very uncomfortable and tight. By the late afternoon most days my back is aching and the pain wraps around to the front of my belly. There's lots of stretching pain and cramps going on now too.

This weekend, I went with my Mom and two of my sisters to Word of Life Inn for the annual spring ladies conference. We are actually on the way home as I write this! It's always a blessing to attend... This was my sixth time. I was 15 my first time! I've missed Mitchell so much! This was our first time apart since we have been married. I cannot wait to see him!

Over the weekend I was able to swim in the pool, which was so great! I felt so good in the water! I swam both Friday and Saturday night and it was wonderful.
I think Becca liked the music at the conference, she was very active while it was praise and worship time!

Here's today's baby bump, and also some pictures from the weekend!

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