Wednesday, August 21, 2013


....they'll be the age I was when they first came to us! Oh my!

When we first heard about them, they were 10 years old...Wow...the the years have flown. 

Edward, you are the life of the party. Fun....funny, always making me laugh...and your antics...oh boy!
You've really changed a lot in the time you've been here, crossing from boyhood and making your way on the journey to manhood. You've become a hard worker, and I am so proud of all you've accomplished through Christ. My heart swells with a sisters' pride and joy every time I see you in your ALERT Cadet uniform. Those things...the things that really matter, like reading Gods word, prayer,wisdom  search, heart to heart talks with mom and dad, time spent with your siblings, teaching them things, sharing your heart with them, working in your novice handbooks, helping Dad with a project, working hard, obeying, etc, etc, those things will produce fruit in your life. When you have Christ living in you, those everyday things will produce godliness, character, a firm foundation for a godly future that honors The Lord. I pray for you each day. I pray that your heart would always be soft, and always be turned to Mom and Dad, to your family, this one, and perhaps a future one, should The Lord see fit. I pray that in all situations, you will choose the straight and narrow, to stand for Truth. Be courageous, be brave, be strong. Ed, whatever The Lord brings into your life, whatever path you choose, choices you make...know this: I love you. I will always love you! I am so blessed that The Lord chose you to be my [not so little anymore] brother! Happy 14th birthday.....Eward!!

Elisha, I truly don't know what I ever did without you! Oh dear, I can't even begin to imagine! I'd truly be high and dry. Remembering little details, check. Finding everything I ever misplace, check. Writing cards of encouragement to me when I need them most, check. Organizing the toughest mess that no one else wants to look at, check. 
When I'm overwhelmed, your smiling, joyful face encourages me. Your laughter at the simple things reminds me to be lighthearted. 
I am so blessed to see you reach out with letter writing, and encourage others with verses and prayers. I also was amazed at how wonderful you were with the girls at Bright Lights! Wow! You made them all feel so welcome and at home. Thank you so much for that! Any little details that slipped through my fingers fell into your hands and were take care of so willingly and joyfully...half the time I probably didn't even realize it! So thanksgiving is definitely in order! 
Lishy, I am so grateful for the ways I see you stepping up, reaching out, and really growing in The Lord! I have watched how Jonathan, Nicole, Rosie, and yes, even Edward;), look up to you...SO MUCH!!! They want to be JUST LIKE YOU! How much more impact do your decisions(even the small ones) have on not only you, but on your siblings, and even others outside yet intently looking in. 
I pray that you will continue to see how you can serve The Lord in these most valuable years in all of your life, these most precious times, not only in the "big," and seemingly more important ways, but also in the small ways...that may not seem so special, like being a daily example to your siblings. But believe me, these things will have a lasting impact on many generations! When you obey The Lord in the small things, He'll give you bigger things to do.
 I pray that no matter what comes into your life, that you would remember your First Love....Jesus. He is the only one who can wholly completely fulfill all need and every desire!  May He be your everything. May you never, ever settle for anything less than His best for your life! You are precious! More precious and valuable than rubies. 
As I see The Lord taking you on the path from girlhood into womanhood, I am constantly awed at how you are becoming more and more beautiful in Him every day. 
Elisha Marie, Lishy Lou, Lish....I love you so much! Always! No matter what! 
Happy 14th birthday, Elisha! I hope your day is the special-est one ever! 

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  1. That's awesome Madelyn! I LOVE it!!!
    You are a wonderful sister and great role model, too!


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