Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jehovah Reigns

Enthroned in Heaven's majesty, 
His glory is the Light
That shines through all eternity, 
The Source of Joy and life.

His presence rolls like thunder, 
Dominion without end. 
Creator, Master, Lord, and King, 
His name forever stands! 
Jehovah reigns, forever victorious. 
Through all times, 

In every place, His power endures!

Now let all creation sing His praise, and bless His holy name! 

Jehovah reigns, Jehovah reigns. 

And so He left His throne above 

And, humbled as a man, 

He walked the shores of Galilee, 

Love's redeeming plan! 

Then crucified, He bore my pain, 

My death forever gone! 

The chains of death are overthrown, the Concourer has come! 

"Jehovah Reigns" by Rachel Busenitz 

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