Friday, March 21, 2014

Home Alone Part 3

Hello all!
I am wrapping up this post series with a "grande finale" post. Mom and Dad are home now, missing one bag, but home nonetheless. 
We had a great week, all in all, while they were away. Aside from two days, Rosie was....almost a cherub. :) 
She was so excited to see Mom and Dad this morning.:)

Wednesday was Jon's 11th birthday. He had a fun day. We closed the day by celebrating with Chris and Brittany and the girls, and the Lowman family. 

Here's Rosie Jon on the same slide, almost 9 years apart!
Such cuties. :) 

It was a great day! Thank you Thorn and Lowman families!

By Thursday we were ready for Mom and Dads return, but...we still had a day to get through!
By this time, we were getting a little case of cabin fever!

Thanks, everyone, for covering us in prayer while our parents were away!
They made it safely home early this morning and are very jet lagged. But...we are very glad to have them home and you all can rest assured that everything is {almost} back to normal! :):) 


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  1. Happy birthday to Jon! Welcome home to your mom and dad. Glad they had safe travels. Glad you have them back. I have to admit you all look like your were getting a bit rammy!!


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