Monday, March 24, 2014

God's Not Dead

I have three words to say about this movie: Go See It!!!!!!! 
Okay, here are some more words...:):)
God's Not Dead is an amazing movie with an amazing, God honoring message. I can't think off better film to go see with family and friends. 
Mom, Grace, Elisha and I were able to go on opening night on Friday, the 21st. We LOVED it so much that we wanted Dad and some friends to see it as well. We were able to go with them last night - I would so encourage everyone to go and see this movie! 
Please go to this site to watch the trailer, find out more about the cast, etc.:

Josh Wheaton is a college freshman - and a christian. He is studying for a law degree and needs to take philosophy. In his first class, Professor Raddison wants all of his students to come to a unanimous consensus, to avoid wasting time debating, that God is Dead. Josh cannot bring himself to deny the existence of the God who is the reason he's alive, and who he has placed his trust in. This starts Josh on a journey of proving the existence of God before his class. With many of those he loves turned against him, Josh must trust God to give him strength and the words to say. Will he show his fellow students, Professor Raddison, and many others watching, the truth about God, or will he commit academic suicide, as many others are sure he will? 
Watch this inredioble movie to find out! 
It is totally worth it! Bring your family and friends!!!

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