Friday, March 21, 2014

Home Alone Part 1

Home Alone Part 1

So we said goodbye to Dad and Mom at Manchester Airport. It seemed like a repeat of a couple of months ago when they departed to meet Jerry and Zoey. Lots has happened since then, and it seems like so long ago, but it also seems like yesterday. Things went really well...the drive home was better than last time, and there was no getting lost (don't ask what happened last time). 
So here are some pictures from our farewell day yesterday.

Rosie was so sure that she was going on the plane, too!!

Edward will be in Texas when Mom and Dad get home!

Can you tell that someone is a bit tired of waiting to see the plane leave?

Mom and Dad are on there!

Getting sleepy are we?

I would say so!

Stay tuned for Home Alone Part 2!

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