Monday, April 3, 2017

Becca - Eight Months

Becca boo turned eight months on April 8th! I can't believe in just four more months she'll be one year old. How is this all going by so fast?!
She is continuing to make leaps and bounds in her development. She continues to babble on, adding different sounds to her vocabulary. She's started saying "mama," which makes me so happy! Yay! She still says "hi dadda," all the time. Sometimes she still uses "dadda," to refer to both of us.
She continues to use anything and everything to stand herself up. If she's down on the floor, she wants to be up on the couch, or the bed. But then once she's up, she wants to ve down on the floor! She'll crawl to the end of the bed, and we have to be careful because she'll just keep going and do a face plant on the floor. She's had a few of those, but still has no fear. She's so busy!
I really don't think it'll be much longer before she's walking. My guess is 10 months. What do you all think?
Everything goes in the mouth....which motivates me to keep the floor clean. 😊 We always have to watch her...she's a wanderer and an adventurer!
She's been doing good at night. She mostly is up at least once in the night, sometimes twice or three times. But every few nights we do get a treat of a full night's sleep!

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