Wednesday, March 30, 2016

21 weeks 3 days

I'm in my 21st week of pregnancy and things are going great!
I have definitely noticed my belly increasing in size, as you may notice in the latest bump picture.
Becca has been kicking me a lot....I feel it more and more as she grows. She is now approximately 7 inches long, about the length of a banana! She's really growing!
The cartilage throughout her body is turning into bone, which is part of the reason I can feel her more.
I just can't wait to meet our precious daughter.
Mitchell is very excited to be a daddy. It's exciting for him when he can put his hand on my belly and feel Becca's kicks and movements. A few times I've noticed when he starts talking, it seems like Becca responds with a rapid fire of "bouncing!" I just know she already loves her daddy-o!

Here's this week's bump! Growing, growing, growing!

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