Tuesday, January 26, 2016

12 weeks 2 days

I have decided its time to start baby blogging through my pregnancy...and after the baby is born, so you all can stay updated on how things are going.

I'm 12 weeks and 2 days today (January 26th) and feeling really great. Morning sickness has pretty much dissipated, which is SUCH a blessing! It was so intense some days, so much so that I thought I couldn't take it anymore. But God is so good and gave me just enough grace to get through each day. And Mitchell has been so good through it all...encouraging me every step of the way.
We had our first appointment last week, which was basically just a consultation and it went well. This week, though, is our second one, where we'll get to have an ultrasound! We are so excited to see our baby. Or maybe its more than one! We can't wait to see! :)

Here's a belly bump picture, and I'll try to post new ones often. The quality of the picture isn't that good...I think I'll have to have Mitchell take them after this. And also a close-up of my shirt...my sister Brittany and her family bought Mitchell and I matching daddy and mommy shirts for Christmas!

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