Wednesday, August 20, 2014

God's Goodness

God is so good. I am relishing His goodness as I watch JoyAnna lay on her tummy as peaceful and content as can be. I wonder what she is thinking, what is going through her head. But what shines through is happiness. Joy. Her namesake. And gratefulness. If I was in her condition, I can say that I'd have a lot to learn from this precious girl. She is so perfect in her Father's eyes. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. A daughter of the King. One thing is very sure: Our Lord has great and mighty plans for her; more wonderful and amazing than we can ever imagine or grasp!
I am amazed as I watch Jerry plant kisses all over her face. He has such a love for her.... its like they were always meant to be siblings... because God in His goodness had planned it out long ago! I am amazed at His plan for Zoey... because if it wasn't for her, JoyAnna would not be in our arms today. And as sad as that time of her going to heaven was for us, it, too was all part of our Father's plan. "All things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)
Every day is a challenge and a new test from the Lord and I look forward (as do others) to when the littles go down for their naps :) but we are grateful for God's grace and strength for each moment!
Mom is slowly getting the house back into the order that it once was...oh so long ago. (LOL)
Jerry and Rosie are always at each other....:) They are actually a lot alike. And at the same level in many areas.
JoyAnna has already come a long way since being home. She makes new sounds, plays with her hands and tries to sit up on her own. She does better with a bottle and is now starting to graduate to a sippy cup!
Jerry is starting to understand very minimal simple English words. Like please and thank you, I'm sorry, yes and no, etc. I would say that Grace does the best at communicating with Jerry. Since she spent two weeks with him when they brought him home, she was able to catch on to more Bulgarian than the rest of us, even Mom and Dad.
He has become quite familiar with the chores around the house and farm, but he is still a bit afraid of the goats. One thing I don't understand about his logic is how he tries to let the goats out to run free if he is so scared of them!
Every morning he wakes up and is so excited to see every one. He wants to give me a tight, squeezy hug and a big, sloppy kiss on each cheek!
When we sing a song, he tries to mimick us...its so hilarious!

Another update is that preparations for our Lamplighter Homeschool Theatre 2014 production are underway! We are doing The Hounds of the Baskervilles! All Sherlock fans, mark your calandars, and those who aren't, prepare to become such! We have a great group of kids this year and a lot of hard work is going into this production...its going to be a great show! Be sure to follow the blog which Holly, the director and I will be writing for . Also, be sure to check out and consider supporting our group by purchasing one of our LHT Tees or Hoodies!
All proceeds after the cost of making them goes straight to LHT. Its a great way to support us and to advertise and get the word out for our show. If you would be so kind, share the links on your facebook, blog or with your homeschool groups. (All three is great, too!)

I will be posting pictures soon, too! (I have to do that from my other device.)

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