Friday, August 8, 2014

Catching up

Here is a quick update on what's been going on around here. Dad Mom and Grace just got back from a 2 week trip to Bulgaria, bringing home with them our two newest additions, Jeremiah and JoyAnna. It was a great celebration when they returned... And it's been a few days but overall the adjustment is going well. Yes, I stayed home with the kids during the time that part of the family was away. Aside from a few minor cotastrophies, everything went well (LOL!!!!). We definitely would not have made it through, first of all, without The Lord's unending grace, and secondly, the support of family and friends. God is so good. When we thought we would give up during this oh so long adoption process, and we stopped holding on, He held on to us. He said, "I have brought you this far, and I won't let you down now." Yes.... There were times when our faith was tested. There were times when doubt crept in. There were times when the devil had us down. But looking back over it all, I can see that He is faithful, and He is always there, encouraging us, getting us onto the next step. Even when tears stained our pillows through endless nights. When joy was shadowed by sorrow. When waiting became harder and harder to do. He kept whispering assurance to our hearts. Giving us encouragement. Hope. And....finally, after heartache and heartbreak, waiting....and ..... More waiting.....prayer after prayer after prayer, the joy unspeakable of finally being united as a whole family is worth every ounce of hardship, every sleepless night. 
Lord, thank you, thank you.....


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