Monday, April 21, 2014

My Unapologetic Opinion

Many people have asked me how I feel about the new movie that recently came out, “Noah.” When I  first heard about it and watched the trailer, I was excited at the possibility. Finally! A movie on the biblical account of Noah that isn’t cutesy, or “nursery-rhyme-ish.” But as our family started to hear feedback on this film, we found out that it is, “the most unbiblical movie (that is based on a biblical account) ever made.” Ever. Made. That’s staggering. What’s even more shocking is that the producer is a professing atheist. Does that send off any warning signals? We researched and found out some of the producer’s intents and motives in creating this film. Among them was an “environmentalist mindset.” Noah was an environmentalist. Hmm....does that line up with Scripture? Something else that resounded in the reviews was that there was no mention of God whatsoever. That is to me a HUGE red flag, if not the biggest one. The target audience for the movie is unchurched, unsaved individuals. When they see it, they will take it as fact. A movie so far from God’s design and hand in the real, true account of Noah...this is a work of the enemy. Our family really appreciates the ministry of Janet Parshall, who hosts a Christian talk show on Moody Radio called “In the Market with Janet Parshall.” 
On her show one night, she was discussing with her guest (I have forgotten who the guest was now) about the movie. Her guest had some deep insight into the movie. I have forgotten all the details, but he said that somewhere in the movie, God dies, and man becomes God. In the movie, Noah is God, and Noah makes all the decisions. Noah chooses who goes on the ark. Noah shuts the ark door. Noah chooses who lives or dies while on the ark, and whether or not to kill his unborn grandchild. Noah discovers mercy and grace by the end of the film, but it seems that he has learned this of his own power. And after they are out of the ark, Noah blesses the people to multiply and replenish the earth. Wasn’t that ALL just backwards? 

As I was listening to the radio show, I was given new insight and purpose about why Christians should not go and see this movie. Janet was making some very important points. If Christians go and see this movie, what is that sending back to the producer? “Give us more of these kinds of films,” right? What other message would $12 multiplied by the many, many Christians there are in America... On the other hand, if we choose NOT to go and see it, that would send back quite the opposite message. 
One Christian lady called in saying, “It was a great conversation starter. We were able to go back to the Bible and read for ourselves what really happened.” 
Janet ended the talk show with a very important statement. “I would rather have opened my Bible first, than to have a movie make me open my Bible.”

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