Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Baby is the Answer!

The world is messed up. People everywhere are in sin. The people God made are going their own way. What will He do? His whole plan has....gone sour! How could He ever make it right again? We, in our human wisdom, doubt Gods sovereignty. We think, "He'll have to do something big, with someone great, with fanfare and extravagance. 

But He did something quite different. 

The answer was a baby.

A baby? How could a baby save the people?

Born in a dirty, crowded barn, among animals. "Why lies he in such mean estate....?"
No one to welcome Him. Helpless and tiny. What could He do for a lost world? 

The answer was so much more than we could ever imagine. This was much more than "just a baby." He was God, made into a baby. And He grew in wisdom, and in favor with God and man. He gave His sinless life, and became the sin of the whole world. 

Lets celebrate by praising Him today and always.

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