Monday, January 13, 2014


How I wish I could have held you in my arms. How I longed for you to be here, share with you the blessing of sisterhood, of family, of daily joys. 
Although I never got to meet you, I loved you. Though I never touched, hugged or kissed your soft face, precious Zoey, I miss you....terribly.

My sweet Zvezdalina, you were very very sick. Your body was weak and fragile. You didn't know what it was like to be a learn and play. 
You were lonely. You didn't have the love and care that we know and often take for granted.

Yet, Zoey, I want to thank you...because you showed more joy and touched more lives than any of us do in a lifetime. Zoey, you changed my life. You gave me a new love for the fatherless, a new burden for other children like you. A new, deep gratefulness for the things I have.
You have touched hearts all over the world. So many people, like me, have been changed by your example.

Dear sister, you are in heaven with Jesus now. You have a new body, you've long since said goodbye to your sick and weak one. You will never ever be lonely again. You're not an orphan anymore! You are safe in His arms, where you'll always be. 

I am so excited to meet you there!


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  1. Thank you Madelyn! This is just precious, and a balm for my aching heart!!! Thank you my dear, dear, daughter! I love you greatly!


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