Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photo Shoot!

I recently thought it would be great to take a photo shoot of my siblings. I did it on 2 different days. Here are my 2 top favorites of each person!

Wondering how I took pictures of myself? I didn't...Grace did a very good job taking my picture!
I like this one the best!
I love this one of Grace the best!
If you know Grace, you know that she couldn't take her coat off...It was cold that day!

You always get laughs when taking Edwards picture!

You can tell he's about to laugh!
This is my most favorite of Elisha!

This one shows how tall Jon's getting!

Nicole was full of smiles!
It was a challenge to take Rosie's picture because all she wanted was my camera!
Rosie fits perfectly in this rocker, and she even rocks herself!
And Mom and Dad.....the cutest couple!

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  1. Love it Madelyn,
    But then again...I'm a bit biased about such things!
    I love you!



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